Little Miss Dani (aquariusfire) wrote in gotstuff,
Little Miss Dani

Topic of The Day - 11-17-02

Hey guys! Welcome to the group. Glad to see I'm not all alone here now. :)

The topics of the day are going to be widely varied. Some days, they'll be serious, others will be whimsical. To reply, click to post a comment to this post. I want to keep Topic of the Day discussions all together and this is the easiest way. It also allows non-members to add their two cents if they want.

There's no real rules on replies. If you have nothing to say on the topic, stay silent. But if you do wish to respond, you can do it in as little as a word, or write another War and Peace. Just have FUN with it.

So, without further ado, here is the topic of the day for 11-17-02:

Saddam has agreed to allow weapons inspectors into Iraq. He has also arranged political asylum for him, his family, and some leading members of his regime in Libya should events begin to turn sour for him. What is your opinion on this situation?
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